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Friday, August 17, 2012

Our First (Official) Vacation: Part Four- The trip

Finally, we are to my most favorite part in this series: The trip! 

At 9:30 the first morning of our vacation, we were in the car and off we went.  The kids were AMAZING!  Not one complaint!  We first stopped at a rest stop for a potty break (Peanut is still potty training), and the kids enjoyed checking out the moose sculpture.   We also stopped in Freeport, Maine.  We ate lunch and walked around to stretch our legs.  The kids had fun exploring the fish in LL Bean. We then headed on to Belfast, Maine. Where the kids were able to run around and check out some creative chairs placed around the city, and then walked down to the docks to check out the boats. 
The kids and I on a surf board/bench in Belfast, ME

My cuties bench testing!

We ended up cutting down on the amount of stops we took because the kids were getting irritated with getting in and out of the car so we picked up dinner (for the adults) and drove straight to our destination for the weekend, Pleasant Bay, Maine.

Pleasant Bay
The B&B

We stayed at the Pleasant Bay Bed and Breakfast and Llama Keep.  Peanut and Sassy were so excited to stay on a Llama farm!  The views are breath taking and the sight of the water is instantly relaxing.  Our room had a bedroom and a living room space with a pullout couch.  My parents stayed on the couch and we took the bedroom.  The kids slept on the floor on mattresses with their new sleeping bags  that Nana and Papa bought them for the trip!  We did a lot of relaxing and a lot of memory making.  

We went to Bad Little Falls in Machias, Maine.  The kids really thought it was neat to stand on the bridge over the falls and look down.

Bad Little Falls
We had a blast at Roque Bluffs.  This is a great beach to visit!  We went on a Saturday, boy was it busy! (There was maybe 5 other people on the beach with us)  In all seriousness, this was a great beach to visit.  On one side of the road was salt water (ocean) and the other side of the road was fresh water.  There was a great little picnic area where we spread out and ate lunch before we spent the afternoon soaking up some sun.

The beach
My Boys
We went to the eastern most point of the US and visited the West Quoddy Head Lighthouse in Lubec, Maine.  It was wonderful to take a walk on some of the trails along the ocean and see up close why they call it “the bold coast”.

At the lighthouse
On the hike
We also spent some time at the B&B going on walks, enjoying the scenery and the animals.

My favorite goat!

Nana and the kids visiting the Llamas at dusk.

All I can say is WHAT A WONDERFUL VACATION!  I was so worried about what could happen and it all just turned out so perfect.  It was wonderful to feel "normal" and do "family things" that many take for granted.  For 4 whole days I didn't think about Autism.    For me, Maine was Heaven on Earth.  I know we will return again next summer for sure! (We don't have a choice, Sassy is already informing us that she is going back to take a Llama for a walk, and Peanut re-named Maine "our new home"!  Do you think he's trying to tell us something???)

Ahhhhhh....Maine   :-)

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