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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fun with a Scooter Board

We try our best to carry over as many therapy activities over to our home as much as possible.  When I used to do Physical Therapy with adults we used to give our patients a "home program."  This was a group of stretches and exercises they needed to do at home to maintain and build strength for whatever their injury or issue was.  When we dove into the world of pediatric therapy I was surprised to see that no one got a home program!  An hour a week of exercise is not enough to build strength, so I took things into my own hands.  I think to maximize success, therapy should be a DAILY activity.  Pediatric therapy is basically fun play activities geared towards a specific function, so why couldn't I work it into our activities at home?  

One activity that Peanuts OT and PT do is use a scooter board.  I went online and found that scooter boards on average sell for about $20.00.  I ordered one and got to work.  I got a thin rope and tied it to a closet door at the end of our hall.  Then Peanut sat on the scooter board and used the rope to pull himself down the hall.

He loved it!  After he reached the end we had him lay on the scooter board on his stomach and crawl down to the beginning of the hall using his hands and arms.  These are a great fun upper body and core strengthening activity, not to mention lots of fun!

Want some more ideas for using a scooter board?  Check out these links!


  1. Casey has such a weak core but didnt love the board so we had to move on to something different so glad its working for him though!

  2. Hello Mommy Provost,
    I am Vincent Clark, webmaster and brother to Jenny Clark. I recently updated her website thereby breaking many existing links. This was necessary to make it more flexible and easier to navigate. The link you have at the end of this article has become Heavy Work in a Therapeutic Environment Your blog link can be found at Parents Blogs

    Vincent Clark

    1. Thank-you very much Vincent! We have updated the link :-)

  3. Wow, you have found a really nice way to do exercise. It's wonderful and easy to do and it's much intersted so no patient can feel that he is doing exercise actually it's a fun.