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Friday, October 21, 2011

City Dog, Country Frog

The week before starting our school year we did a cute project with our friend Princess, that I wanted to share with all of you.
I try to get Sassy and Peanut to the library at least once a month.  It's a good time to socialize with other kids, as well as learn about borrowing and returning books, and how the library works.  They both get to pick out one book to borrow.  The first week we went to the library, Peanut chose a book called, "City Dog, Country Frog."  The book is written by Mo Willems and illustrated by John J Muth.

This is a great story about "City Dog" who moves to the country and meets "Country Frog".  They become friends and teach each other different games they like to play together. (I won't tell you the rest...I don't want to spoil it!)  This is a great story for my children because it teaches them about friendships and sharing interests with others.  We all loved the story and we ended up reading it every day that week (and sometimes twice!).

On Wednesday when Princess came over to play we decided to make our own City Dogs and Country Frogs.  I had found a cute craft on DTLK Kids to make paper bag animal puppets.  We made frogs and Dogs, and then played with them!
Here are the kids painting their frogs.

This is Peanut and Sassy's finished Dogs and Frogs
The kids all had fun making this craft.  They got to paint, and glue.  The only problem was they wanted to play with them as soon as they made them, but the paint was still wet!  What did I do?  I kept them busy with a snack and a movie and I went to work carefully (VERY Carefully) drying the puppets with a hair dryer!  Needless to say, the kids were very happy they were able to play with their puppets once their movie was done.  I hope you have fun with this book as much as we did!!

God Bless,
Mommy Provost

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