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Friday, December 14, 2012

Favorites Friday: Life Factory Glass Bottles

My favorite for this week that I'd like to share is Life Factory glass bottles.  This is something I don't feel I could really live without.  I Love these bottles.  With so many issues with plastics (BPA, BPS, PVC etc etc) it's difficult to find a non-toxic way to bring filtered water with you when you are on the go.  Stainless steel is an option but I find after a while the water has a metal taste and the containers can rust.  I discovered the Life Factory company about a year ago when I was looking for non-toxic sippy cup options for the kids.  I wish I had found them sooner.  Their baby bottles can convert to a "sippy" cup with a quick change in the top. 

 We now use these every morning to give the kids their juice and supplements.  I found that our homemade juice was sticking to the plastic of the kids sippy cups and would clog up the tops quickly making them unusable.  The glass bottles work perfect and clean well in the dishwasher.  They are also durable.  If my kids haven't broken them, then they HAVE to be tough!

I had purchased one for myself and really liked it but wished the lid had a spout to make drinking a bit easier in the car (which we are in quite a bit).  Then I was at the dentist one day and discovered the 20 oz version of what I had with a spout!  I now use this bottle almost every day.  It's nice to have a brand I know and trust to be safe for my family.  Check them out today! http://www.lifefactory.com/

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