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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cloth Diapers and Older Toddlers.

About a month ago we had a guest blogger write an introduction to cloth diapering called Cloth Diapering 101.  I had asked her to write about cloth diapers because I knew she had a ton of knowledge about the subject, and because I had recently jumped into the wonderful world of cloth diapers with our 2 children.  

Why? Well, for a number of reasons.  First, to save money! Peanut is now 5 (and 2 years into potty training...we'll get it someday!) and Sassy (at the time) was showing no interest whatsoever.  I honestly was sick and tired of paying for them.  Our second reason was because of chemicals.  No matter what disposable diaper you chose, there are chemicals.  Now I'm not saying there are no chemicals involved in cloth diapers, but the amount is significantly less and you have more control over it.  Third, I was a little curious.  When I thought of cloth diapers, I thought of the white cloth, folded and pinned to a child.  I have a close friend due with twins who is planning to use cloth diapers, and her research spiked up my interest.  I learned quickly that cloth diapers are definitely still around, and boy things have changed!

So, I jumped in and bought some cloth diapers.  The first thing I tried was Gro-via.  I purchased them new at a local store.  They were the cutest things I had ever seen!  I loved them!  I soon learned that you have to wash the diapers a certain amount of times before using them (if you don't I promise you will have leaks until they have been washed a good 3-6 times), and that you can't use just any detergent, you have to use certain types or you could ruin the diapers.(For more info click HERE. )  It was obvious to me that my biggest issue was going to be size.  I bought  the largest size of the Gro-via's I could get and yet they still were a little too small.  3 weeks ago I could squeeze Sassy into them, but now they just don't fit.  On to my next attempt.

I then bought 2 Bumgenius diapers, one size with snaps.  I also bought a pack of inserts.  At first I really wasn't a fan, but now I love them!  I actually use them at night with my kids when they sleep.  They are really too bulky during the day, but work great at night with some doublers. (Right now I'm just using organic cotton doublers and it's working good!)

I was still on the search for something not as bulky that would help with potty training.  I had a lot of moms tell me not to waste my money, but I KNEW my kids were going to be in them for a while, and that it would be worth my investment.  During the day, at home I put my kids in a pair if cotton underwear, or training pants.  I was able to talk with Kim over at Green Earth Baby Works .  She was a WEALTH of information. (If you are looking to order from somewhere I would suggest going through her.  She is so honest and knowledgeable, and I'm all about supporting small businesses.)  After discussing options with her, I made the decision to try a few different types of "pull-ups".  I ordered 4 sets of Flip Trainers and the side extenders and fell in LOVE!  We use these every day!  If we are home I will have in 1 insert.  If we go out I throw in a second insert to be safe.  They are not nearly as bulky as some of the others we had tried, they fit both children well and they seem to contain messes very well. I also tried the GroVia Trainers with the side flex panels and again, fell in LOVE!  These are great on their own for little occasional accidents and can hold an insert for a little extra absorbency.

Another obstacle I encountered was what to do with a loose stool.  Peanut still has tummy troubles and so that can make cloth a little more difficult.  I found these wonderful little diaper liners which helped make my life MUCH easier!

I'm still new at this and learning.  By the time I am really comfortable with it, the kids will be potty trained (finally!), but it still has saved us money in the long run and have been better for the kids a well. I recently found some left over disposables and used them on Peanut for a day for convenience and his skin broke out terribly!  I won't do that again, that's for sure!  All I have to say is that it IS possible to cloth diaper with Autism and I have to admit,  I LOVE cloth diapers!

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